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Mobile documentation

Want to use your technical documentation on tablets and smartphones, too? We make it possible for you to provide your technical documents on mobile devices, online or offline.

Whether through online help or in apps, technical documentation is being retrieved more and more frequently on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Mobile documentation offers enormous advantages: Maintenance personnel, installers and users benefit equally from the options for quickly accessing the information needed.

We work with you to make mobile access to your documentation and instructions a reality.

Mobile Documentation
Mobile Documentation
Mobile Documentation

We offer

  • Design of mobile documentation with respect to content, format, function, layout and access
  • Adaptation of existing contents to mobile requirements
  • Creation of new mobile documentation
  • Implementation as an app for all platforms and operating systems
  • Modularisation of unstructured instructions
  • Development of mobile documentation using current languages such as HTML5 and CSS3
  • Implementation as online or offline documentation
  • Use of the options of multichannel publishing