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Complex technical processes and solutions are particularly easy to communicate with multimedia support. Take advantage of the possibilities of e-learning options to use interactive training materials, 3D installation instructions, electronic documentation, video tutorials and more.

With the help of state-of-the-art software, we create specific training materials for effective use in your company.

User-oriented preparation of the contents gives you a huge advantage particularly for training of maintenance and service personnel as well as sales and marketing employees. Employees without extensive technical expertise are able to understand complex relationships and pass on this knowledge using the corresponding e-learning materials.

3D CBT-Description
3D CBT-Description
Interactive 3D-Demo Assembly-Disassembly
Interactive 3D-Demo Assembly-Disassembly
Interactive Operating Instructions

We offer

  • Computer-based learning materials for training purposes
  • Creation of video tutorials and interactive training materials
  • Preparation of 3D animations for demonstrating work steps in an understandable manner